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SCHMIDT® CamPress 11N

The best of both worlds

We have merged the best features of the two hand lever press types, the toggle press and the rack and pinion press, and combined them

in the SCHMIDT® CamPress 11N.

Thanks to this clever mechanism, the patented assemblypress is characterized

by a particularly smooth operation and strong force at the end of the stroke.

The sophisticated mechanics make the manual CamPress 11N particularly ergonomic

and user-friendly.

This unique motion creates a high, linear force progression with high breakaway

torque at the beginning of the ram movement and a steep force increase

at the end of the stroke; and all this with constant hand force.

The use of the balance weights and the ErgoHandle ensures a smooth motion process

and-ergonomic operation of the hand lever. Both components and height adjustment

with the crank lever are part of the standard scope of delivery.

Of course, the proven options such as return stroke lock, fine adjustment and

mechanical counter can also be used here.