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We design, develop and deliver

Our experienced and innovative design team offers comprehensive services:


  • Visualization and design studies
  • Calculations and analyses
  • Machine design as a 3D model
  • Complete processing of production documentation
  • Production cooperation and setting assistance
  • Delivery to the customer

Special Single-Purpose Machines

- Special Single-Purpose Machines
- Machines made to measure to the customer’s requirements to produce a particular product in a particular operation
- Each machine is an original product

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Clamping Fixtures and others

- Hydraulic, pneumatic and electric clamping fixtures for machining in serial and mass production such as exhaust pipes, engine bearing holders, engine cranks, sewing machine bodies, valve bodies, oil filter bodies and many others 

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Automated Press and Assembly Stations

- With manual insertion and removal of assembled parts, monitoring the insertion of the correct piece and its position.
- Automatic stations where the assembled parts...  

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Testing equipment

- Equipment for testing required values, such as force, pressure or expansion
- Design of equipment according to our or customer's methodologies

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Robotized Workstations

By using robots, it is possible to provide the complicated, accurate and fast transfer of assembled parts to individual technological operations.
E.g. assembly of solenoid valve bodies

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Parts of Production Lines for Automotive

Technological stations mainly for moulding and welding from manually operated to fully automatic stations. These then constitute the entire production line for a particular part of a car body.

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